EOS: the WORBLI sisterchain reduces Block Producers
EOS: the WORBLI sisterchain reduces Block Producers

EOS: the WORBLI sisterchain reduces Block Producers

By Alfredo de Candia - 26 Aug 2019

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Yesterday, through a post on Medium, the EOS sisterchain WORBLI announced the reduction of the number of its Block Producers (BP) from 32 to 15.

As can be read in the post, WORBLI explained that some BPs stopped producing blocks, and even the company itself wanted to ask some of them to limit the work.

In fact, being an EOS sisterchain, WORBLI operates under the same system as EOS and had a total of 32 BPs.

Considering that the blockchain is quite young and the WBI token does not boast a competitive and attractive price for investors – it is among the last positions on CoinGecko where it is traded at around $0.02 – investors and BPs have probably not seen a substantial return on investment.

For these reasons, some BPs have decided to stop the production of blocks and to focus on other blockchains. Even WORBLI itself has asked some to stop activities, thus shrinking the number of Block Producers to 15.

WORBLI has also published a 5-year roadmap in which it has calculated that it will be able to adequately finance the 15 BP for at least the next 5 years.

“WORBLI is on the rise and we’re excited about the future. However, we have no reliable way to project our own token price in a still young and growing market sector. So we have made the best estimates we can. In our new resource model, we feel confident it offers the remaining 15 BPs a strong financial incentive to produce for WORBLI for at least the next 5 years”.

The project will focus on improving the performance of the nodes, the promotion of the network and better geographical distribution in order to ensure stability and growth for the project:

“These decisions are the worst part of our team’s job, but they were necessary to help secure WORBLI’s future stability and growth. We thank all of our BP Teams, past and present, for your hard work and support. We sincerely hope we can find another way to work together in the future and we wish every team the very best.”

Alfredo de Candia

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