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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance: a report on blockchain and telecommunications

A few hours ago, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) published a paper on possible practical cases in which the blockchain could be used in the telecommunications sector.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is an organisation composed of several members at a global level and across different sectors, which aims to develop and harmonise interoperability between the business and consumer worlds, seeking to create a standard for the blockchain.

The document examines a number of macro-areas where blockchain technology can be implemented and combined with organisational standards to speed up transactions and improve internal operations in the telecommunications sector, as well as identify and educate industry leaders. 

As Ron Resnick, EEA’s Executive Director, explained:

“This is one of the more comprehensive sets of blockchain use cases for the telecom industry that you will come across. The document is a direct result of the EEA SIG’s mission to help define and educate how telecom leaders can play an active role in developing the standards of the future. On behalf of the EEA and the EEA Telecom SIG, we would like to thank T-Mobile, SK Telecom, KDDI, and ConsenSys for their extensive contributions. We hope that other global telecom leaders will join the EEA Telecom SIG’s efforts to expand upon this important work.”

With regard to the practical uses of the telecommunications sector, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance report highlights the following:

  • Blockchain-based telecom call roaming user authentication;
  • Blockchain-based telecom call roaming reconciliation;
  • Data privacy and monetization;
  • Digital contents distribution: property management and distribution market;
  • CX in service delivery provider (SDP) delivery models;
  • Identity attestation flows for ISP services and components for abstract API creation.
Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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