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The skills required for a job in the cryptocurrency world

The cryptocurrency and blockchain world is one of the most popular sectors in terms of work opportunities in recent years. Online job boards have seen an increase in the number of people looking for a career in the cryptocurrency world. This article will analyse the roles and skills required to become part of this sector.

The job search

There are job boards and recruitment companies specialising in this area, such as Cryptorecruit and Andromeda. It is a good idea to connect directly with companies, for example through platforms such as LinkedIn, Reddit and Telegram.

According to Yavuz Karadag, co-founder of CryptoTalent:

“Candidates can directly approach founders and CEOs at meetup events or via LinkedIn without feeling intimidated. The online applications also tend to be much less gruesome. Additionally, a very high portion of jobs are remote, meaning that the entire screening and interview processes are carried out virtually”.

The roles and skills required

It is essential to make sure that the applicant meets the requirements of the company offering the role. The most sought-after employees in the crypto world are blockchain engineers.

Both front-end and back-end developers who are looking to enter the cryptocurrency world are required to have basic knowledge of cryptography and to be able to work with languages such as Solidity, C++ and Python.

However, besides IT, there are job opportunities in other areas.

Neil Dundon, founder of Cryptorecruit, said that Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) are in demand because many projects are in their early stages and are in need of CTOs to drive the technology side of the business.

Other positions include community and social media managers, public relations and marketing experts.

For all roles, language skills are a great advantage. Given the fact that communities are global, candidates must be able to communicate and write in multiple languages.

As the size of start-ups increases, the demand for candidates with business development, finance, strategy and human resources skills is also likely to increase.

The importance of being able to stand out

It is essential to have an innovative mindset and a distinctive character from other candidates, regardless of the role that is being pursued.

Tal Benno, Blockchain Recruiter at Andromeda, said that, as the cryptocurrency world is rapidly growing, job seekers must be able to prove that they are smart and open to innovation.

“If you want a marketing role in a crypto company you need solid marketing experience and a good understanding of the Blockchain field. You need to be a self-learner and someone who is excited about working in the industry. Areas you’ll be expected to know about include Blockchain technology, crypto-economic protocols, and the initial coin offering creation and token sale processes”.

It is vital that candidates get involved in the blockchain community. This includes ecosystem networking, meetup participation and the creation and sharing of interesting content through social media or personal blogs.

For developers, community engagement means actively contributing to open-source projects on platforms like GitHub.