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Samsung: the blockchain-friendly smartphone KlaytnPhone coming soon

According to internal sources, Samsung Electronics Co. is about to release a new smartphone, a variant of its Galaxy Note 10, marketed under the name of KlaytnPhone and featuring applications based on blockchain technology.

A certainly arduous task in an era in which many consumers are still confused by everything related to crypto. According to some rumours, Samsung’s new smartphone will be sold starting from Thursday, but only in South Korea.

KlaytnPhone represents a real step by Samsung towards this technology that is slow to establish itself in everyday life and that not everyone can understand. As a result of this development, Samsung joins Ground X Corp., the creator of the Klaytn platform.

Ground X itself has repeatedly pointed out that the commitment is to bring blockchain technology into everyday life. The release of KlaytnPhone is expected to take place just the day before the launch of Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s new flagship smartphone that folds like a book and was presented at the beginning of the year at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

As for size and hardware, Samsung’s new smartphone will be identical to the Galaxy Note 10, with no aesthetic or internal differences, apart from the crypto wallet and the support for blockchain technology, with an estimated price of around $1000.

It will feature an internal wallet for cryptocurrencies, whereas buyers will receive Klay, a new cryptocurrency.

The blockchain-apps running on Klaytn are accessible from any Android operating system, but only KlaytnPhone will boast the full range of services.

Even if Samsung’s new smartphone were to take off, there would be no huge sales as South Korea is only a fraction of the company’s business. The CSLA predicts that in August, the company will sell about 10 million Galaxy Note 10 worldwide.