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RealmX: a new game based on the BCH blockchain

Block Hop is developing a new sandbox game called RealmX, the first free to play sandbox game based on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain.

The main difference between the more classic Open World games and RealmX is that the latter saves all game objects on the blockchain and not on a centralised server, allowing users to have full control over them. All items collected in the game can be exchanged with other players for free.

RealmX: A game based on the BCH blockchain

The game, set in the Stone Age, allows players to create objects, fight monsters and decide what the destiny of the protagonist will be. Players must find the best ways to increase world productivity to evolve the game world. Once world productivity has reached a certain level, players will have access to a new world with new achievements and challenges.

The most fun element of the game is battling. The game has over 40 different monsters and in order to defeat the most powerful enemies, players require a certain amount of experience and the right equipment. Each user can create their own weapons and set a price for them.

Crafting, which is the creation of objects in the game, is divided into two types: Regular Crafting and On-Chain Crafting. Items created through Regular Crafting are free and can only be used once, while items created through On-Chain Crafting can be used permanently.

The RealmX team believes that players should be rewarded for the items they create as they make the game unique. When a player decides to craft an item invented by another user, the latter is rewarded in bitcoin cash (BCH) thanks to a built-in wallet.

When playing, the main character consumes food and it is important to always have enough resources. There is an option in the game called Leisure Farming through which players can grow their own food. Farming in the game is quite simple. For example, it is necessary to sow the seeds in the ground and then collect them within a couple of hours. Players should also raise animals in order to increase productivity.

The blockchain for everyone

The biggest problem with current blockchain-based games is that players often have little knowledge of this technology. RealmX solves this problem thanks to the integrated easy-to-use wallet and the on/off-chain logic for crafting. By doing so the presence of the blockchain is, in fact, transparent to players who can play without having to know any implementation details.

RealmX is currently undergoing intensive testing and the first open beta will soon be available. A first closed beta has already been launched in February 2019. If there are no obstacles, the game will be open to everyone by next year’s Q1.