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Red Cat: the black box for drones on the blockchain

Red Cat has announced the launch of a blockchain-based flight recorder for drones. 

It’s called Blockchain Blackbox and it’s a full-fledged black box for drones. It records data on a distributed system, allowing regulators and insurance companies to trust the stored data. 

One of the problems that this innovation aims to solve is the possible interference that may occur in the flights of drones, especially autonomous ones, and other aircraft. The Red Cat solution, developed by GoChain, should enable drones to obtain approval from aviation regulators around the world. 

For some time now, in fact, several hypotheses have been circulating regarding the possibility of using drones, for example for parcel delivery. Amazon is already experimenting with this solution, and Uber and UPS are also moving in this direction. 

These companies have applied for certification of their drones from the US FAA, although such certification is not easy to obtain. 

In December, for example, the second busiest airport in the United Kingdom, Gatwick, was closed at night due to drones flying repeatedly over the airfield. Something similar also happened at Newark-Liberty International Airport due to the fact that some pilots had spotted a drone flying near the airport.

Red Cat is a company that works to protect the airspace for the drones industry and the solution it proposes is to record flight data of drones on the blockchain.

The GoChain network says it can handle 1,300 transactions per second. Its protocol is based on web3 and uses Proof of Reputation (PoR) as the consensus algorithm. Behind GoChain there is a decentralised consortium of Fortune 500 companies, NGOs and non-profit organisations that validate the transactions. GoChain also has its own cryptocurrency which is called GO.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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