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PundiX launches BOB, the blockchain phone

PundiX is ready to launch BOB, its blockchain-based phone. 

BOB has been in production for about a year now and was presented this week at the IFA 2019 in Berlin. The company has stated that it will be possible to pre-order it in Q4 2019 through Kickstarter and the PundiX XWallet, at a price of $599. 

The final name chosen for the smartphone is Blok On Blok (BOB), although until now it had always been called XPhone. It is designed and based on the decentralised Function X protocol. This allows the user to have full control of their data. 

In addition, a MOD Assembly Kit will be provided with BOB to create and build a custom blockchain phone.

The kit will contain the motherboard, a screen, a camera, parts of the audio speakers, buttons and aesthetic accessories for customising the appearance as desired, all designed to be easy to assemble. It will come with a guide and a video showing how to assemble it, and there will also be the possibility to 3D print some additional parts.

BOB’s design philosophy was inspired by the science fiction films and comics of the 80s and 90s, with a classic retro design combined with cutting-edge technology. 

It uses the decentralised operating system f(x) which allows accessing the Function X ecosystem, entirely based on blockchain, while also guaranteeing backwards compatibility with Android: it will be possible to switch from the native operating system to Android, allowing both to be used.

Each BOB will function as a node of the Function X blockchain, so there will no longer be a need for a centralised service provider to call, send messages, browse the Internet or access app services. 

In addition, this will also make it possible to store data on the phone in an encrypted and secure manner, not to mention having ownership of it. 

Pundi X’s co-founder and CEO, Zac Cheah, said:

“BOB marks a big step forward in our mission of creating a Blockchain Internet, a fully decentralized network where every piece of data shared is under the owner’s control. More importantly, BOB gives a sneak peek of a world powered entirely by blockchain technology, where everyone has control over their own data and everything is executed with the expectations of immutability and transparency”.

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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