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Introducing PrimeBit: a Revolutionary P2P Crypto Products Trading Platform


P2P crypto-products platforms have been gaining the attention of both beginner and expert traders. However, until now, not one of them was able to offer up to 200x leverage. That’s twice as much as the maximum 100x margin offered by the competition. 

Unique trading opportunity

With high leverage and no minimum deposits, PrimeBit gives everyone a unique chance to make the most of each trading opportunity. You can open a position with just a 0.5% initial margin. This means that you can make an order worth $10,000 with just a $50 dollar deposit!

PrimeBit trades fix point value perpetual contracts with no expiry dates. When you find a trading opportunity and open the right position at the right time, there are no limits for your profits. For example, if you make a BTCUSD “buy” order each time when the price goes up by $1, the value of your PrimeBit’s contract changes by 0.1 mBTC. It can go forever until you decide to close the position.

The fair way to trade cryptocurrency

PrimeBit wants also to compete with an advance Fair Price indicator, an equitable Funding System, and an unbiased auto-deleveraging mechanism. These features make PrimeBit a unique platform, being able to disrupt the cryptocurrency margin trading market. 

The platform is powered by MetaTrader 5 – the leading global trading software. The company behind the revolutionary product PrimeBit Ltd. provides an attractive alternative to popular BitMEX services. With higher leverage, better user experience, and easier more transparent contracts.

Up to 20% lifetime revenue share

Additionally, PimeBit opens new opportunities for affiliate partners, offering an astonishing 20% lifetime revenue share for the top partners. Everyone can share a referral link and profit from each new account registered after clicking at it. The partnership program is powered by a transparent real-time affiliate tracking software.

PrimeBit offers an attractive affiliate program with up to 20% lifetime revenue share. The program is powered by a fully automated system. Every PrimeBit user can grab a referral link and send it to friends to promote their network.

PrimeBit allows the users to exchange perpetual contracts on Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The developers promise more cryptocurrencies will be available soon. Give it a try now.

Additional information on PrimeBit

PrimeBit features

Here are some basic features of the platform: 

  • up to 200x – the highest leverage on the market
  • MetaTrader 5 desktop and web application
  • Fair Price Marking – a mechanism to enable smooth trading on volatile assets even with high leverage
  • No minimum deposits and fully-functional demo accounts for easy access for beginner traders 
  • No expiry dates – trade perpetual contracts with no limits to your profits
  • Fixed point value – easy to understand price model with linear returns
  • A lucrative affiliate program with up to 20% revenue share and a transparent dashboard for controlling the revenue flow
  • PrimeBit Trade Calculator for easy computing of the basic parameters of an order you consider to make.
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Contract types

On PrimeBit you can exchange three types of perpetual contracts – BTCUSD, ETHUSD, and LTCUSD. They are priced based on the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin composite indices called fair price (price is built from multiple external sources). 

This contract is settled in BTC and quoted in USD. Each contract has a fixed value of 0,1 mBTC per $1 price. It means that with every price change of $0.01 the contract value changes by 100 Satoshi. The relation between the contract price and the contract value is linear and does not change with the contract price.

These are used to calculate the final funding rate. Funding is paid and received every 8 hours. PrimeBit does not charge fees on funding payments.


Should I try it?

The above features make PrimeBit a unique platform, with the potential to disrupt the cryptocurrency margin trading market. In order to do it, PrimeBit has to attract a critical mass of traders. PrimeBit is open for traders since the end of August, and we predict that in the first weeks of trading some exceptional opportunities can appear. If the community learns the relatively easy mechanics of PrimeBit crypto-products, the platform may grow.

It’s definitely worth trying since the upside is high and there are no entry fees.

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