Naples to host a Hackathon on eVoting
Naples to host a Hackathon on eVoting

Naples to host a Hackathon on eVoting

By Fabio Carbone - 16 Sep 2019

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Between November and December 2019 a Hackathon might be organised in Naples in order to test the security of the eVoting system with regard to any possible external attacks.

The conference “Insert law to continue”, organised by the University Federico II and the City of Naples on September 12th and 13th, has resulted in interesting projects related to the use of blockchain technology in the local economy.

Prof. Francesco Romeo of the Federico II University, organiser of the two-day conference, revealed that his study group would like to reopen the Naples Stock Exchange, closed in the 1970s, using a distributed ledger system as the IT infrastructure. 

The purpose of the Naples Stock Exchange would have a connotation closely linked to the local economy, its function would be to create a direct financial ecosystem that involves citizens by turning them into investors supporting the businesses of the Campania region.

A stock exchange would be also useful to solve local job crises, such as that of Whirpool for example. How? By tokenising the company and making sure that local citizens become investors to support the relaunch of the company.

The Deputy Mayor of Naples Enrico Panini, when asked by The Cryptonomist on what position the Administration would maintain with regard to the relaunch project, said that the City of Naples is in favour of the idea of establishing the Naples Stock Exchange as an opportunity for the development of the local area that increases the work.

The eVoting system and a hackathon to test it

An important project linked to a new e-voting system, which summarises the results of initiatives already implemented in other foreign institutions and in the private sector, has emerged from the Naples City Council’s project.

However, the Naples eVoting system also has its own specific features and is now ready for effective on-site testing.

Independent engineers and developers, experts from ICAR – CNR of Naples, as well as Neapolitan researchers from the Federico II and Anversa Universities contribute to the legal and regulatory aspect of the eVoting system.

The eVoting system, whose operation was explained in detail during the round table, is now ready and waiting only for a field test to assess its robustness and functionality. 

Fabio Carbone

A freelance writer since 2013 he studied computer science, philosophy and also a bit of sociology. In 2016 he discovered the crypto economy and since then writes about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, to further deepen a movement that is not only made of experts mathematicians and cryptographers but also of people who generate a new economy from the bottom. He writes about the same topic on various industry websites. He writes about Industry 4.0 and digital economy in general.

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