Zilliqa: a partnership with ChainSecurity to improve security
Zilliqa: a partnership with ChainSecurity to improve security

Zilliqa: a partnership with ChainSecurity to improve security

By Stefano Cavalli - 18 Sep 2019

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Zilliqa, the ecosystem based on a blockchain defined as “very fast”, has entered into a partnership with ChainSecurity, a company that deals with security both from the point of view of the source code of a blockchain and from that of smart contracts.

ChainSecurity has already collaborated with 75 companies within the crypto panorama and already plays an important role in the Zilliqa ecosystem, given the collaboration between the companies that started two years ago.

Petar Tsankov, co-founder of ChainSecurity, said:

“The collaboration between the ChainSecurity and Zilliqa teams dates back to 2017 when we first conducted a security audit of the Zilliqa token. We look forward to further collaborating with the Zilliqa team and bringing our knowledge in building advanced security tools to the Zilliqa ecosystem”.

Through this partnership, ChainSecurity will be able to create a real framework that can directly analyse the source code of a project like that of Zilliqa.

This does not mean that the code review by the developers will disappear, they will be supported by a tool that can solve several bugs by acting on the different flows of control, data and information that transit through the blockchain.

ChainSecurity is a spin-off company of the ICE centre, a laboratory of the European University that deals with blockchain research and development in Zurich. Here are some of the projects on which the team has worked in recent years:

The software is a full-fledged security scanner that will even be beneficial to smart contracts, whose vulnerabilities, linked mainly to attacks such as re-entrancy and critical status variables, are increasingly frequent.

Since it is a framework, it enjoys the privileges of modularity: it will be possible, in the future, to extend several plugins to increase security controls when different aspects come to light on which to work.

Amrit Kumar, President of Zilliqa, said:

“From Scilla to our mainnet and smart contracts launch, security has underscored all areas of technical development at Zilliqa. For the past two years, ChainSecurity has played a key role in bolstering our network. As we continue to grow, these tools will help us proactively address any potential vulnerabilities along the way. Moving towards developing enterprise-grade solutions, we believe such collaborations will provide support to our growing community and enterprise partners whilst establishing a higher benchmark of security standards across the industry”.


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