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PredIQt is in beta on the EOS mainnet

Yesterday, PredIQt, Everipedia’s market forecasting platform, announced the launch of the beta version on the EOS mainnet.

The PredIQt protocol allows anyone to create a market-related event or a specific event and participate by buying and trading shares of these events.

In addition, the PredIQt platform also provides for the use of oracles, allowing the relevant information to be verified automatically and without the intervention of third parties: excellent when an event is, for example, linked to the trend or result of a precise number in the real world, such as the result of a sports match.

For the moment, PredIQt is in beta version, but nevertheless active on the mainnet of the EOS blockchain: anyone with an EOS account can participate, although for the moment it is not possible to create events. The events available for the moment, which were created by the team itself, are 3: one linked to the launch of the block.one Voice platform, the other to the price of bitcoin and finally one linked to the price of EOS.

The Block.one Voice service, based on the EOS blockchain, was presented in June during an event held in Washington. It is a blockchain-based social media platform that will reward users as well as give them control over their data.

Alfredo de Candia
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