Sicily: the blockchain in the agricultural sector is a law
Sicily: the blockchain in the agricultural sector is a law

Sicily: the blockchain in the agricultural sector is a law

By Michele Porta - 26 Sep 2019

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The spokesperson of the 5 Star Movement for Sicily, Jose Marano, announced on Facebook the approval of the bill on the use of blockchain technology as a data guarantee tool for the agricultural sector.

It is actually an amendment contained in a bill approved by the Sicilian Regional Assembly (ARS), which has not yet been published in the official journal of the Region of Sicily but you can read the extract of the proposal’s version.

Details of the proposed law

The title of the proposal reads as follows: “Development of a Blockchain multifunctional information technology platform for application to traceability and tracing services for agri-food products”.

In the bill, proposed by Jose Marano herself about a year ago, it can be read that the region aims to ensure the traceability of food products of the DOC, PDO, ICG and PGI chain. All this in order to facilitate access to various information by end consumers including origin, nature, composition and quality of the product.

In order to achieve the objective, the region should, within 90 days, contact a group of experts in the field to define the requirements and performance levels to be achieved in accessing the data through blockchain.

As clearly stated, access to this platform will be free of charge for all consumers.

Membership by participants in the food supply chain is also free of charge and will be on a voluntary basis.

The words of Jose Marano:

“Objective achieved. From today Sicily will be able to trace the products of its land on a blockchain that guarantees transparency and incorruptibility of the data. This is a great opportunity for Sicily, for its companies, for workers and for the health of citizens.

Safety for consumers

The traceability of data in the production chain to the final consumer is one of the applications increasingly recurring in the blockchain space. In fact, many supermarkets, including Carrefour Italia, have tested its use for the chicken and citrus industry.

Consumers seem reassured by the use of these technologies by companies, as shown by some data showing an increase in sales of products registered on the blockchain.


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