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Aqilliz, the blockchain solution for digital marketing

Aqilliz presented the company’s blockchain-based product line for the digital marketing industry.

During a discussion at ad:tech in London entitled “Authentic Value Discovery on Blockchain” between Aqilliz CEO Gowthaman Ragothaman and Zilliqa President and Scientific Director Amrit Kumar, the company presented its blockchain-based solutions to create a meaningful exchange of value between brands, platforms and consumers, and to foster greater trust, transparency and efficiency for its corporate customers. 

Ragothaman, known as “G’Man“, said: 

Today, numerous technologies continue to focus on siloed solutions that have led to a largely fragmented martech ecosystem, resulting in a very bloated administrative layer. These existing solutions have thus far only addressed some parts of the problem, but fail to address them holistically. This has resulted in poor price discovery and liquidity along with a lack of trust across the marketplace. Brands, platforms, and consumers all are at the heart of Aqilliz and our mission is to restore balance, liquidity, and authentic value to this flawed system.” 

Aqilliz offers three solutions, targeting key areas of digital marketing:

  • Proton,
  • Neutron,
  • Electron.

They are based on a philosophy that aims to examine the Who, What, When, Where and How within the online value exchange processes and to introduce blockchain-based methods to better optimize existing business models.

  • Proton aims to streamline processes along the digital supply chain, particularly in the areas of source attestation, transaction verification and dispute resolution. 
  • Neutron serves to ensure that identities are protected in a decentralized data market. 
  • Electron focuses on automation, risk mitigation and cost reduction. 

Aqilliz was recently selected as one of nine startups for the second phase of the government-backed Tribe Accelerator in Singapore. The accelerator is supported by business and government partners including the information media development authority of Singapore, Intel, AXA, IBM and Citibank. 

The company works together with the blockchain Zilliqa platform as a provider of technology infrastructure. Already in 2017 Zilliqa founded the Proton Project, a programmatic advertising alliance with the company WPP Mindshare, while on May 2019 it successfully conducted a blockchain-based campaign for the giant FMCG PepsiCo. 


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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