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Zilliqa reveals a partnership with Aqilliz

In a recent tweet, Zilliqa (ZIL) announced a partnership with Aqilliz for the creation of enterprise tools.

As can be read from the tweet, Zilliqa will work with Aqilliz exclusively to create a versatile platform for the enterprise and industrial world to achieve greater adoption of the ZIL cryptocurrency.

This partnership will be led by Gowthaman Ragothaman, CEO of Aqilliz, who has worked for the last 5 years at GroupM, a company that operates in the advertising sector and also includes PepsiCo, which already a couple of months ago had tested the Zilliqa blockchain for marketing purposes.

“The impact of technology in consumer understanding is rising in its importance and becoming profound. I personally believe that unifying the technology across all the three stakeholders – consumers, brands and platforms – is very critical for advertising and marketing. To that extent, I am not really leaving advertising, but just stepping outside the agency world to play a meaningful role in the field of technology that benefits all the three stakeholders in a balanced manner.”

Ragothaman believes that his many years of experience can give a real boost to the blockchain space especially since it is necessary to be proactive in this sector:

“This is one trait, I will definitely keep it with me, wherever I go. To keenly observe, act, react and be proactive. These traits will immensely help in playing a meaningful role in the field of technology that benefits consumers, brands and platforms, all in equal measure.”

Only last month Zilliqa reached important milestones, including the launch of smart contracts, the ZILHive incubation programme and also innovations regarding its use, such as the arrival of the first stablecoin based on Zilliqa’s blockchain, HEUR.

Alfredo de Candia
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