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CryptoZombies: the game that teaches how to program dApps

The first step in learning how to program within the blockchain environment and more specifically with regard to Ethereum‘s dApps and smart contracts is to try the game CryptoZombies.

It is a fun online video game that allows learning the basics of the programming language Solidity in a playful way.

CryptoZombies game: what is it about?

CryptoZombies is a free and interactive programming course that teaches how to create smart contracts on Ethereum.

The course is designed to start from the basics, which means it’s recommended for newcomers as well.

The features of the game are many:

1) Interactive code development lessons

The step-by-step lessons on the browser provide the first foundations of Solidity, aiming to guide the user to the creation of their own game based on a fully functional blockchain.

At the end of lesson 1, which can be completed in minutes, it is already possible to understand what are the mechanisms behind dApps.

2) Building an army of zombies

In lesson 1, it will be necessary to create a zombie factory to prepare an army. Each zombie that will be created will have a randomly generated DNA and will have its own unique, fully customisable appearance.

Further lessons will add features to the game, such as the ability to fight other users’ zombies.

3) Bonuses by completing coding lessons

After completing all the lessons it is possible to battle against the zombies of other players in one of the first online skirmishes taking place on the blockchain.

The team behind CryptoZombies

Loom Network is the company behind CryptoZombies. The company has created a platform for running large-scale applications on an Ethereum sidechain.

Loom Network wants more developers to think outside the box and try to create large-scale dApps.

Gaming is one of the areas where the company believes that blockchain can revolutionise the industry.