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Gabriel Cardona: “BCH’s future as payment rails”

After the Bitcoin Cash City Conference that took place in Townsville, Australia, on September 4-5th, during which Gabriel Cardona, Bitcoin Cash developer, gave a speech about the State of the BCH Blockchain for 2019, we had the opportunity to interview Cardona to understand more about the future developments of the blockchain.

What are the future plans of BCH as a cryptocurrency?

I think that Bitcoin Cash has a strong chance to become the Digital Cash of the Internet Nation. As the planet evolves to be one large nation wired up by the Web, Bitcoin Cash will become the native value transfer layer. Cash, tokens, smart contracts, Internet of Things and much more.

Do you think that the future of BCH lies more in being a payment method rather than a store of value?

Going back to the beginning of the Bitcoin journey has been the question “What makes something money? Is it a store of value? Is it a unit of account? Is it medium of exchange? Some say it can be only one. I say it is all 3. I see BCH’s future as payment rails for the vast majority of digital commerce and because it will transfer so much value it will be a solid store of value.

What are the future plans for the Bitcoin Cash blockchain?

Bitcoin Cash is the Digital Cash of the Internet Nation. We envision 10 billion people doing 50 on-chain transactions daily. That’s enough for world-wide commerce, the Internet of Things, tokens, smart-contracts and much more.

On Twitter, you asked the community what would they choose from the Scalability Trilemma; decentralisation, security, and scalability. What’s your choice?

In the context of BCH, I think decentralisation and security are the paradigms. If I were designing a system from scratch I would choose security and scalability. IMO decentralisation matters, but only in-so-much as it gives us censorship-resistance. 

When you’re solving a problem for all humans you really need to focus on UX above anything else. If there is no smooth UX people won’t adopt your solution. Making sure people’s money and tokens are secure and able to scale to world-wide commerce is the highest priority.

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