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Interview with Lukas Enzersdorfer-Konrad, vice CEO and COO of Bitpanda

With a Master’s degree in Banking & Finance, Lukas has proven work experience in the financial services sector and first-hand banking experience, in-depth knowledge of digital assets, and the management of digital roadmaps and platform strategies from the conception to the launch of retail and corporate product offerings. 

  • Bitpanda looks towards 2024 with a clear objective, reflecting on how this year has been a significant turning point for the financial system’s view on digital assets. After nearly a decade of increasing investments in digital assets, the evolution of regulation, infrastructure, and asset adoption has reached a critical point where large financial institutions are actively showing interest. Our goal is to be at the forefront of this change. We are in discussions with several major European banks to assist them in offering digital asset trading. We believe that 2024 will not only bring greater stability and security for investors but will also introduce new investment methods, attracting a new wave of investors. These new investors are essential for promoting further innovations in the cryptocurrency space. We are excited about the possibilities that will arise and are committed to being a key player in this evolving landscape.
  • It is positive that new products have been launched capable of attracting a new group of investors eager to explore the benefits of digital assets. However, they are not yet confirmed. As we have seen, US authorities and the SEC are not entirely predictable. Next year’s elections add an additional element of uncertainty. We hope that. The fact that cryptocurrencies have emerged as an asset class demonstrates the trust and long-term development of the financial industry. In the United States, in particular, asset managers want to build products based on this asset class, on cryptocurrencies. It is the right way to bring cryptocurrency into our economy not only in a mass market but also in the most important sector that exists, the financial sector. This is the great positive effect of this story.
  • I hope that next year the sentiment will be even more positive, but I think that these well-known events that everyone is talking about are probably already priced in. It can already be noticed that this event is starting to be priced in and this is something that we have always seen in the last cycles. In any case, it will always be a fun and exciting event, and of course it will contribute to the overall sentiment, which is positive. Will we see a price jump on the same day? Probably not. Will we see a price jump in 2024? Almost certainly.
  • They must stop trying to take shortcuts. Obviously, in the last year there have been two scandals and I believe that the Stock Exchanges must return to their origins, prioritizing transparency, regulatory compliance, and customer safety. Building trust is a long-term process that requires constant and demonstrable commitment to compliance, safeguarding customer assets, and maintaining operational integrity. Stock Exchanges should engage in open communication with their users, ensuring clarity in their operations and the measures taken to protect assets.  
  • Absolutely yes, and this can be seen from the types of people interested in the activity. What started as a small group of technology enthusiasts is now a highly diversified range of people. Awareness and interest in cryptocurrencies are increasing, thanks to their growing integration into conventional financial systems and increased attention from regulatory authorities. However, trust and understanding of these assets vary among the population. The increased involvement of regulated entities such as banks in the cryptocurrency space will likely increase trust and acceptance among the general public.
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