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Social Blockathon, the blockchain competition of the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), with the help of its Minister for Community Development, has announced the “Social Blockathon“, a competition that focuses on blockchain technology.

Blockchain for social purposes

The word Blockathon is the union of the words “Blockchain” and “Marathon”.

The competition is aimed at designing specific software for educational, social and recreational purposes. Those who participate in the competition will have a time limit to submit projects.

The competition was announced during the GITEX Technology Week 2019, a technology conference that is taking place in Dubai these very days.

Each team will be working on a system that can serve the good of the community. The cash prize reward will go to the most creative and functional idea.

Saeed Abdulla, IT consultant at the Ministry of Community Development, said:

“The Blockathon Social Competition” is opened for all the community members to create more community development ideas in smart applications to enhance the ministry‚Äôs objectives in providing proactive community services, support sustainable community development visions, and achieve the strategic goals of the Ministry of Community Development emerging from the UAE 2021 vision and 2071 centennial goals”.

Social Blockathon: evaluation of projects and prizes

The deadline for receiving applications for the competition is February 1st, 2020 and the winners will be announced the following month.

The winning team of the “Social Blockathon” will receive a prize of 30,000 AED, about 7,500 euros, from the United Arab Emirates. The rewards for the second and third place are respectively 20,000 AED (5,000 euros) and 10,000 AED (2,500 euros).

The evaluation criteria of the competition are different and are based on different themes such as accuracy, security, innovation, ease of use, scalability and connectivity with other applications and systems. Of course, the quality of the final report and the presentation of the project will also be considered.

All candidates will be obliged to cede their intellectual property rights to the UAE Community Development Minister.