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Aphelion: trading disabled except for NEO

The decentralized Aphelion exchange yesterday disabled trading for all pairs except NEO/GAS.

Aphelion trading

Almost all of the tokens listed on Aphelion are NEP-5, therefore, based on the NEO blockchain.

In addition, even on the official pages of Aphelion, there is no press release about this situation and even their latest tweet, dating back to last month, announced the integration of the ERC20 tokens, BTC and of course NEO.

From what we can see, not only the upgrade to version 4.1.0. has not happened but have been disabled all the pairs of trading except one: maybe for an oversight? Or is there a precise reason?

Obviously this behaviour, especially sudden, is certainly not positive and it is difficult not to think of a very negative situation, since it is not uncommon that an exchange disappears into thin air, just remember the case of QuadrigaCX, the largest exchange in Canada, or the Novachain trading platform, whose founders, also in that case, had disappeared into thin air without leaving any trace.

Aphelion is a DEX, a decentralized exchange, so in reality there should be no risk to user funds. In fact, decentralized exchanges are so defined precisely because the user does not have to trust the company behind the trading platform because their funds are not held by them. For this reason, the story of the sudden closure of Aphelion is even more strange, since one could not even think of a “take the money and run”.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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