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EOSIO 2: EOS VM and EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE are here

Block.com has just announced the new EOSIO 2 protocol: performance has been improved and security has been increased. New development tools are also coming, namely EOS VM and EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE.

As can be read on the official blog, the team behind the development of EOSIO, and the whole ecosystem related to it, is certain that

“the single biggest bottleneck for blockchain development is the speed in which they can execute smart contracts.”

In order to avoid these problems and accelerate the execution, radical changes have been made involving EOSIO, the first blockchain-based protocol that uses WASM (WebAssembly).

It is precisely WASM, whose purpose is to run code at the same speed as running native machine code, that has become, according to the team, a cause of performance problems. Not that things were going badly, but it was decided to redesign an ad-hoc WASM engine specifically designed for blockchain development.

And so, thanks to the advent of EOSIO 2, EOS VM was born, a new WASM engine able to bring improvements, in terms of speed, of more than 16 times if compared to the old Binaryen, released with EOSIO 1.0.

Eosio 2

EOS VM is not the only news reported by EOS.io, there is also EOSIO Quickstart Web IDE. As there are often problems with blockchain development due to the fact that it is not a simple technology and that it often takes hours, even days, to create a working project, the team has thought well to develop a new tool to facilitate this task.

Through the use of this application, everyone will be able to create smart contracts on EOSIO and the web applications associated with them, in a few minutes and on any web browser (a decision made to prevent that some developers could give up this opportunity).

The complete list of all updates and of any new programming tools is available on GitHub under the official EOS section.