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SingularityNET announces Rejuve spin-off

During the Gitex Technology Week, one of the most important tech fairs in the world, currently taking place in Dubai, SingularityNET announced the spin-off “Rejuve“.

Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET, had already introduced Rejuve in Las Vegas on October 4th during the Raadfest longevity forum. The CEO of this spin-off will be David Lake. It is a startup that will use AI and blockchain to promote medical research, focusing in particular on the increase in the average life of the population. This new startup will be part of SingularityNET but will be completely independent.

SingularityNET is an AI solution powered by a decentralised protocol. The main objective of SingularityNET is to connect different AI algorithms and create a marketplace for advanced solutions that utilise artificial intelligence. The founders of SingularityNET believe in open source and in the concept of decentralisation. Recently the company has partnered with TODA to collaborate on the development of decentralised artificial intelligence.

Rejuve, the SingularityNET spin-off

The Rejuve spin-off aims to create a tokenised ecosystem to encourage the search for AI-driven therapies that try to lengthen people’s lives.

The idea behind the project is to launch an ecosystem based on the RJV token. Those who want to join the initiative will have to provide their clinical data and information on their lifestyle in order to be rewarded with the RJV tokens.

The data collected will be analysed using the tools and algorithms provided by SingularityNET.

“Rejuve is being spun out of SingularityNET because, if we really want to use AI to solve aging, applying AI to publicly available datasets is not enough, and partnering with companies and hospitals willing to share their proprietary datasets is not enough. Waiting for biologists and doctors to independently design therapies based on what our AI discovers is too slow. We need to attack the data, therapy discovery, therapy delivery problems all in one network”.

These are the words of SingularityNET CEO Dr Ben Goertzel.

Worth mentioning are the collaborations with Mozi AI Health and the bioinformatician Michael Duncan who is already studying the genetic characteristics of supercentenarians.

Rejuve, the first product is ready

The first tangible product is now available. It is the Rejuve Smart Fasting app for smartphones. This app provides advice and explains to people how to perform temporary forms of fasting that are universally recognised as beneficial to the body.

Those who wish to can upload their genomic and other medical data to the platform. The data of the people collected by the app will be fed to the artificial intelligence that can study new patterns and understand which fasting techniques work best for people.

The app is expected to arrive on both the Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store by the end of this week.