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DEX trading: a day with McAfee as a prize

Yesterday McAfeeDex, John McAfee’s new DEX crypto platform, launched a trading competition for the Switch (ESH) token. The lucky winner will spend a day with John McAfee.

Several platforms can be used to participate in this competition, including McAfeeDex, SwitchDex and IDEX.

The contest will run throughout the month of October until the 30th. Addresses with the highest trading volumes, both buy and sell, will win several prizes:

  • The first in the ranking will claim a prestigious trip to spend a day with John McAfee. In addition, as if that were not enough, he/she will win 3 ETH, 5000 ESH and a $50 gift card to spend on the Switch platform;
  • From the second to the fifth classified, participants will receive 0.5 ETH, 2000 ESH and a $20 gift card;
  • From the sixth to the twentieth place, they will receive 500 ESH.

This is certainly an interesting initiative, particularly for the 1st place prize: spending a day with John McAfee. In addition, this contest appears to be designed as a way to introduce the DEX platform to a new pool of users. 

McAfeeDex does not require any fee to be paid, instead, there is a fixed amount of $85, which will increase by $10 each month after the end of October.

More and more organisations and companies are focusing on decentralised exchanges or in any case on new exchanges that allow to have a direct management of the trades and to list their tokens as in the case of the Bitcoin Cash exchange where, among other cryptocurrencies, there is a section dedicated to SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol) tokens.

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Alfredo de Candia
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