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Ethereum: latest news from Devcon 2019

The 2019 Devcon of Ethereum is underway in Osaka, Japan.
This is the fifth edition of the Ethereum Developer Conference, with a very busy schedule for the four-day event. 

Some interesting news has already emerged from the first three days. The first one has been made public on Twitter by Eric Conner, who wrote: 

“Joe Lubin announces an effort to get 1,000,000 developers building on Ethereum”.

A dedicated website has also been created for this initiative, OneMillionDevs.com.
According to the website, the developers of Ethereum are implementing a radical change around the world, “one keystroke at a time“. 

The goal of the initiative is to expand the Ethereum developer family, providing an interactive and engaging space for both newbies and veterans so that they can learn, collaborate with each other, share their knowledge and develop in an easy and fun way.

Currently, the website recognises the existence of 200,081 active developers, so the goal of reaching one million is ambitious, but not absurd. 

The second one was announced by Vitalik Buterin himself, co-founder of Ethereum, who also wrote on Twitter:
“Sharding will NOT break DeFi composability”. 

Buterin has also linked to a document of his which explains better what is meant by “composability” and why sharding will not pose a threat to it.
The document reads:

“There has been concern recently about whether or not the “composability” property of Ethereum – basically, the ability of different applications to easily talk to each other – will be preserved in an eth2 cross shard context. This post argues that, yes, it largely will be”. 

The document is very technical and has already sparked several comments, also on Twitter, not all of which are positive. 

There have been several more tweets with hashtags #devcon5 and #devcon published on Twitter, which show an active community with many projects underway. 

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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