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Dapp.com now supports NEO as well

Yesterday, Dapp.com, the website that analyses decentralised applications, announced that it has added support for dApps based on the NEO blockchain.

The service is very useful to understand the volumes of a dApp have and how much it is used and thus how many users it interacts with, which is why, for example, it can be a useful tool for investors to understand if it is worth their time and resources. 

Dapp.com has a pool of eight blockchains, of which the latest addition is NEO. The other listed are Ethereum, EOS, Steem, TRON, TomoChain, IOST and Klaytn.

John Wang, NGD’s Eco Growth Director, was very pleased with the listing, underlining the excellent service offered by Dapp.com:

“We are happy to be listed on Dapp.com, a service that proved to be always up-to-date and complete in the number of listed dApps, one of the reasons the platform has built its large user base. We are looking forward to sharing our exciting games and applications with Dapp.com users. With the advent of NEO 3.0, we will become even more developer-friendly and will have more new projects building on our technology added to Dapp.com soon.”

Kyle Lu, CEO of Dapp.com, is also of the same opinion and has always kept an eye on the progress and development of the NEO blockchain:

“We’ve been following NEO since 2017 before we started Dapp.com. It has the largest developer community among all blockchains contributing to the ecosystem.” Kyle Lu, CEO of Dapp.com comments on the partnership, “NEO Devs community, such as NEL and CoZ had been with the blockchains for years and they had built a solid infrastructure for the NEO wave of dapps. It is time now.”

NEO now, with the support of Dapp.com, can boast the same level of consideration and popularity as the other blockchains. The news, among other things, alleviates the negative news dating back to the beginning of the week about the definitive closure of the Aphelion DEX (Decentralised Exchange), which boasted over 2 years of activity and the listing of virtually all tokens based on the NEO blockchain.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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