dApps: the 5 most popular blockchain games
dApps: the 5 most popular blockchain games
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dApps: the 5 most popular blockchain games

By Matteo Gatti - 13 Oct 2019

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Games seem a trivial use for advanced platforms such as Ethereum or EOS, considering all their possible applications. Yet, gaming dApps could be the reason why many people will approach the blockchain world. They are fun, they can be played on smartphones and they allow users to earn cryptocurrencies by playing.

DApps refers to decentralised applications. A dApp has its own backend code running on a decentralised peer-to-peer network, which distinguishes it from most common applications where the backend code is running on centralised servers.

There are hundreds of blockchain games, each more fun than the next, DappRadar keeps track of the statistics of over 500 games. Which ones are the most played?

  1. Gaming dApps – EOS Dynasty

EOS Dynasty is one of the first blockchain-based RPG games. Available for both Android and iOS, it was launched in May and is the most played blockchain-based game ever according to DappRadar with over 3100 active users in the past 24 hours. The game has many similarities with the equally well known EOS Knights which is mentioned below: the gameplay is quite similar.

In order to start playing the game, an EOS wallet and an EOS account containing at least one token are required to purchase the character and start playing. There are three types of characters that can be purchased: wizard, warrior, archer.


The character and the game items collected are the property of the players and absolutely unique. Players must evolve their heroes by collecting weapons and equipment and forging everything they need to make their character invincible. With the increasing number of battles, the experience of the fighters and therefore their strength grows.

The possibility of selling equipment in the marketplace in exchange for EOS is interesting. Another way to earn money by playing is to collect TKT tokens (Three Kingdoms Token) that can then be traded for EOS. They can be obtained in various ways:

To get into the mechanics of the game it is possible to refer to this short guide.

  1. Gaming dApps – My Crypto Heroes

My Crypto Heroes is in the second position but it might as well be ranked first. It is a game that is based on the Ethereum blockchain with over 3000 players active in the last 24 hours: it is in second place in the special ranking of DappRadar.

My Crypto Heroes (MCH) is a multiplayer RPG. The goal is to collect as many EXP points as possible and find rare items. EXP points make the in-game hero grow. There are two game modes: PvE and PvP. In PvE, the farmer participates in quests in search of rare objects. In PvP, the warrior fights against other players in competitive tournaments. The player and the items in the game are ERC 721 tokens, their value increases as the game progresses.

The game token is called GUM and allows players to buy items and characters. Here too, as in EOS Dynasty, it is possible to sell game items and collect GUM to then trade them for ETH.

In order to play, the first thing to do is to add some ETH to a wallet to buy the character. Here is a practical guide for getting started.

  1. Gaming dApps – Prospectors

Another well known blockchain-based game, which also uses the EOS ledger, is Prospectors: it is a real-time MMO. It is in third place in the DappRadar special ranking with about 2500 active users per day.

Prices of in-game items and services are determined by the law of supply and demand. The game is set in the 19th century, during the gold rush. The goal is to explore the game world and collect resources.

All elements of the game are the property of the users who will immediately have at their disposal three characters (called workers), which will act according to their instructions. Players can form commercial alliances, join guilds and cooperate with other users. The game currency, Prospectors gold, is essential to the economy and forging relationships with other players. Players have access to resources, land and tools: it is up to them to exploit them in the best possible way.

The main activities of the game are 5: mining, producing, building, merging and exchanging objects with the aim of earning tokens.

To begin playing, it is possible to download the Wombat application from the Play Store (iOS will arrive soon). Wombat is an EOS wallet that allows players to quickly open an account and instantly access the game.

Here is a practical guide to start taking the first steps in the game world.

  1. Gaming dApps – Steem Monsters

Steem Monsters is the most played blockchain-based game according to StateofthedApps with about 3000 active users in the past 24 hours. It is based on Steem‘s blockchain and it is a multiplayer collectable card game.

Each card can be sold or traded for other cards on the Monster Market Exchange. Thanks to the transparency of the blockchain it is easy to find out how many cards of a certain type exist and therefore know their value. The rarer a card is, the more it is worth. In addition, each card is actually owned by the player, like a physical card, as it is registered on the blockchain and can be sold or traded only by using the private key of the wallet. 

As is customary for this type of games, the main objective of the gameplay revolves around battles. Winners of low-level tournaments can expect to earn experience points and upgrade decks. Those who are able to win high-level tournaments will be rewarded directly in Steem or rare cards.

Purchases can be made either with major cryptocurrencies, but also with PayPal or credit cards. The basic deck (mandatory) and packs cost 2 USD each. For each card in the game, there is a GOLD version. In other words, a golden card that is worth much more than a regular card.

The common GOLD cards are around 2-5 dollars, the rare ones from 5 to 30 dollars, the epic ones from 30 to 60 and the legendary ones can cost several hundred dollars.

Techniques for creating a competitive game deck, strategies for winning and knowledge of the various cards are essential. Here is a small guide divided into several tutorials.

  1. Gaming dApps – EOS Knights

EOS Knights was the first mobile game (available for both Android and iOS) based on the EOS blockchain. It falls into the category of the so-called “idle” game and is the fourth most played ever according to DappRadar. Idle games are those games that are basically played autonomously. That doesn’t mean that they’re not fun.

The gameplay is simple and easy, such as repeatedly pressing on the screen of the phone or clicking repeatedly with the mouse, the only purpose of the game is to accumulate one or more resources to be used to buy upgrades and/or other in-game items to speed up the collection of those resources. The point is that these games collect resources even when you’re not playing.

In EOS Knights each user has one or more knights who are sent on a mission to kill goblins and collect game items. When the knights die it is necessary to wait for them to rise again to send them back to battle. Clearly, the most important thing to do is to upgrade the knights to make them stronger. A second fundamental activity is the crafting of game items that can also be bought through the marketplace. Every knight can be accompanied by a pet, every pet can be normal, rare, unique or legendary. The rarer the pets are, the greater the value of the knight.

The most valuable items can be sold to other players to earn EOS.

To play EOS Knights it is necessary to have an EOS account and some EOS inside it to buy in-game items and for the staking. The cost of a knight is small: 0.1 EOS. Buying three costs 0.7 EOS because the price doubles for each knight purchased (0.1+0.2+0.4 EOS). It soon becomes clear that with more knights the game is much more fun.

To get even more into the game mechanics, this short guide is a good way to learn more.

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