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How to travel with cryptocurrencies

The blockchain and cryptocurrencies have been designed, in their pure form, as an alternative payment method, incensurable by third parties, to be used as a means of exchange for goods and services, as well as for travel.

Bitcoin was created precisely for this reason and not as a store of value, as many believe. Whether it’s shared or not, it’s a fact that an increasing number of people are using bitcoin only as a store of value, while using other cryptocurrencies as payment methods.

As a result, several platforms have opted for the diversification of accepted payment methods, knowing that it is easier for someone to use a different crypto rather than bitcoin. 

Many services allow using different cryptocurrencies as payment methods. These services include travelling and booking flights and hotels.


Xceltrip is a decentralised platform that allows booking both hotels and flights; as a payment method, in addition to fiat currencies, it accepts some cryptocurrencies such as BTC, BNB, ETH, XLAB, XVG, LTC and DASH.

One of the special features offered by this platform is the cashback service: with every purchase, the customers receive a percentage of what they have spent, directly to their wallet. This percentage is paid in XcelToken Plus (XLAB) tokens which can be used to book other trips.

It is also worth noting that it is possible to be part of the network by adding one’s own home and thus make a property available to travellers, somewhat similar to what happens on Airbnb. On Xceltrip, however, it is also possible to offer boats, trains, planes and even caves. There’s also an app for Android and iOS.

The XLAB token is located at position 276 on CoinMarketCap and is currently traded at around $0.002.


This platform is Australian and offers some crypto payment methods such as BTC, BNB and LTC, as well as traditional fiat payment methods. It does not have its own native cryptocurrency, but it does allow booking both flights and hotels.

TravelbyBit has a loyalty programme that offers up to 5% bitcoin earnings on purchases that can be used to book other flights and destinations. The bonus lasts 12 months and then expires, but the bitcoins earned can be withdrawn with a minimum threshold of $25 Australian dollars.


Travala accepts both fiat and many crypto currencies as a payment method: at present the cryptocurrencies supported are 18, making Travala a point of reference in the industry.

The cryptocurrencies include, in addition to the famous and popular ones, also some less known ones such as XZC, KCS, WAVES, NEO and DGB.

Travala’s project first began on the NEO blockchain (with the same NEO team investing in the project), while last month it migrated to the Binance Chain to benefit from a better management system of its AVA token, which is currently ranked 485th on CoinMarketCap and is traded at around $ 0.09.

One of the special features of the platform is the famous SMART programme, which allows staking the AVA tokens in order to get a discount of up to 40%, depending on how many tokens are staked.

The advantage of Travala is that it has over 1.6 million properties to choose from in different countries around the world.

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