Blockchain Ladies: an event for the second birthday

Blockchain Ladies: an event for the second birthday

By Ilaria Stirpe - 26 Oct 2019

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On the occasion of its second birthday, Blockchain Ladies, the international community that connects female professionals in the sector, is organising the event “The Blockchain Industry’s Gender Gap: a roadmap towards gender equality”. 

The meeting will take place on the enchanting terrace of the Independent Hotel in Rome, next November 25th at 7:00 PM (CEST).

The evening will be attended by four guests: Daria Alessi, Lawyer, CoFounder of Exacta Blockchain Advisors and; Tamara Belardi, Lawyer, member of the Technical Commission for the National Strategy Blockchain at the MiSE (Italian Ministry of Economic Development); Laura Cappello, Lawyer, President and Co-Founder of Blockchain Core, Scientific Director of Ateneo Impresa – The Blockchain Management School and President Legal & Governance Board of Quadrans Foundation; Amelia Tomasicchio, Director and CoFounder of The Cryptonomist.
The speakers will be interviewed by the founder of Blockchain Ladies, Caterina Ferrara, currently Blockchain Business Consultant at Almaviva S.p.A. and former founder of Neuralia – Global Research Connections, immediately after her welcome message.
The event brings together the most influential women who have redefined the Blockchain scene in Italy. The celebratory evening will end with a toast.


Ilaria Stirpe
Ilaria Stirpe

Graduated with honors from Università La Sapienza in Rome, she obtained her master's degree in Visual Merchandising, specializing in Marketing and communication strategies for social networks. She previously worked as a Web Writer, SEO Specialist and reporter for online regional newspapers.

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