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Blockchain Week Rome 2020 coming soon


The dates to be on the agenda among the good intentions of the new year are those between July 6 and 10, 2020. Blockchain Management SL celebrates its anniversary with the second edition of Blockchain Week Rome. The appointment with the present and the future of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and decentralised finance is in Rome. 

The event is aimed at both newcomers and experts in the field thanks to the three different types of tickets: Intensive Course (in Italian), International Summit, All Inclusive (Course + Summit) 

Updates are sent via newsletters and published on the official website of the event. 

The Cryptonomist is the media partner of the event. With the code CRYPTONOMIST it is possible to get a 10% discount on the tickets.

The Intensive Course (in Italian)

Those who do not want to stand still in front of these changes and want to become part of them can participate in the 21 hours of advanced training that will be held in Rome on the 6th-7th-8th of July 2020. Teachers will be experts in the field and will explain the basics of digital currencies and blockchain technology, in order to develop and/or consolidate those skills that could be the trump card for not being left behind in a world that evolves at the speed of light. 

A Certificate of Participation will be issued at the end of the course. Each participant will also have the opportunity to enter their Curriculum Vitae in the database that will be delivered to sponsors at the end of the event. 

The International Summit 

On the 9th and 10th of July 2020, some of the biggest companies active in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world and some of the main international experts will be on stage to share, through conferences and panels, experiences, skills and case studies. There will also be a large exhibition area of over 2000 m2 dedicated to networking. The international context of the Summit, thanks to the presence of experts and business executives operating worldwide, aims to promote the interaction and contact with professionals and potential investors. 

The All Inclusive (Course + Summit) 

The All Inclusive solution offers the opportunity to consolidate personal skills and, at the same time, to come into direct contact with some of the most influential opinion leaders and companies operating worldwide, at a reduced price. Participation in both the Intensive Course and the International Summit guarantees a 360° dive into the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology world. 

The Vision of Blockchain Week Rome 

One day we’ll pay for a coffee at the bar using crypto, and that day doesn’t seem that far away. Decentralised finance and cryptocurrencies are not science fiction. Many companies are already systematically adopting them within their production chain, and Blockchain Week Rome wants to bring them together in the Italian capital from the 6th to the 10th of March 2020, offering the opportunity to learn about them to all those people who do not want to passively experience innovation but to be an active part of it.

It is physiological for humans to be afraid of change, and often that fear is all the greater the more revolutionary the change in question is. It was 1661 when the first banknotes began to circulate in Sweden: simple scraps of paper with an overprinted number. Those papers were worth as much as a treasure chest of precious metals. How did those people feel, who used to travel with gold in their pockets and then suddenly with simple paper? It was an innovation and today it’s everyday life, to the point that for us it’s almost comical to think about taking a train accompanied by a trunk of precious metals instead of a wallet. 

Today’s innovation is nothing more than tomorrow’s normality. It is no coincidence that the Italian Ministry of Economic Development has launched a Task Force in order to systematically implement the first applications of blockchain technology. 

By now it has become a saying, that Italy is the tail-light of Europe in terms of innovation, but this time we could be one of the driving forces. This will only happen thanks to sharing, which is also one of the foundations of blockchain technology. And it’s curious how the basis of what is and is expected to be one of the most technological and pervasive innovations of all time actually has a deeply human core of values: trust and sharing. This is Blockchain Week Rome 2020. 

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