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Daniel Larimer on Twitter “EOS congestion is not a problem”

As previously reported, over the last week the EOS blockchain has suffered from congestion problems to such a degree that it was practically unusable for those who had few resources staked.Following the complaints, block.one’s CTO, Daniel Larimer, intervened on Twitter.

Larimer expressed his opinion and clarified the various aspects of what had happened, which he did not consider to be a major problem.

Why isn’t Daniel Larimer worried about what happened? The answer is quite simple. In fact, as the CTO has pointed out, an artificial limit has been placed on the number of transactions, a limit that will be raised in the near future.

Moreover, we must remember that the problem of congestion is due to the fact that the old version of EOS.io, the 1.8, is still being used, and the version 2.0, which increases the speed by 16 times, is already available: so, if the new version had been used, this problem would not have occurred.

On Twitter, the CTO goes even further and challenges traditional databases, such as Postgre and MySQL: according to him, EOS.io is much more efficient and performing and everything will be demonstrated with the next EOS.io 3.0 version.

In any case, using the REX (Resource Exchange) platform it is possible to borrow 150 EOS for a month paying only 1 EOS. This system allows compensating for the lack of CPU and NET.

As scalable and efficient as a blockchain can be, it will always find critical situations, but the important thing is to have a ready solution or at least update the network efficiently, for example, the various soft forks and hard forks that have improved several blockchains.


Alfredo de Candia
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