Crystal Rose and the developments of the EOS blockchain
Crystal Rose and the developments of the EOS blockchain

Crystal Rose and the developments of the EOS blockchain

By Alfredo de Candia - 9 Nov 2019

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On Thursday there was an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the CEO of Sense.Chat, Crystal Rose, who answered the questions of the community through the Sense.Chat dApp and The Cryptonomist was able to ask her some questions about EOS.

Is it an advantage or a disadvantage to have a husband (n.d.r. Brock Pierce) who is well known in this field?

 “In general, if we operate as a community or as a family we collectively do better. This is the opportunity for the “decentralized” world, to make a better model where we uplift each other.”

Do you agree with the CTO of Daniel Larimer on his proposal to improve the blockchain?

“I think it’s a good proposal, but way less user-friendly (if that’s possible). Would have to see it in action.”

Do you have a different proposal in mind to improve the EOS blockchain?

“Fork it”.

Why are people wary of using dApps/decentralised systems compared to centralised ones?

“Decentralization is still imperfect – governance needs to improve to prevent attacks from malicious actors like we are seeing now.”

Do you see a stablecoin from a private company like Facebook or Huawei in a positive or negative way?

“All blockchains are a step forward, I support them doing what they want to do.”

Are you in favour of or against the Facebook Libra project?

“Depends on Libra’s ability to have a fair council and stay true to open source values as they have promised.”

What kind of killer application can lead to mass adoption?

“Social communication tool (messaging) and content (video/photo sharing) have the best opportunity for mass adoption.”

Can EOS compete with the DeFi world?

“I am uncertain.”

What do you think about’s Voice project?

“I’m supportive of Voice. Sense.Chat aims to be the private messenger of Voice.”

Do you care about the price of EOS and the price of the Sense token?

“I care about demand for the token to use inside our app. The more volume of usage the more value for users and holders.”

Are there any interesting projects to pay particular attention to?

“I’m still a fan of dApps on EOS. We added Karma, IQ and Lume tokens because we believe in their projects and communities.”

In addition, regarding the recent congestion of the EOS blockchain, the CEO is positive about the incident and sees it as an opportunity to improve the blockchain. Crystal Rose also says she’s curious to see what will happen to Tron when the project that congested EOS goes live on that blockchain:

“I’m curious to see what the DDOS token attack does to Tron and their response, This is an opportunity for all chains to collectively harden and become better.”


Alfredo de Candia

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