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Tunisia launches E-Dinar coin: the Great Currency Race begins

Tunisia has announced the launch of its digital coin or Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) called “E-dinar” in collaboration with the Russian company Universa

According to a report, in fact, it seems that the head of the Tunisian central bank, Marouane El Abassi, has already made the first symbolic transfer of the E-Dinar coin to a representative of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 

The famous bitcoin supporter and founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, Anthony Pompliano, highlights the matter on Twitter by declaring the start of The Great Currency Race.

The tweet of Pompliano says:

“Tunisia just launched the “e-dinar,” the world’s first central bank digital currency created by a sovereign nation.

Eventually every country will create a digital currency.

The Great Currency Race is the most important competition of our lifetime”.

Among the comments, there is also the CEO of the Binance crypto exchange, Changpeng Zhao, who asks if the blockchain of this crypto is already online and if it is possible to view it. But at the moment there is currently no information published on the matter.

What emerges from the current scenario is that Tunisia has unexpectedly anticipated the move of China which, at the moment, in addition to investing $2 billion in blockchain projects, has not issued any official statement on the launch of its CBDC

In this regard, recently, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has expressed itself, revealing that it is conducting research on the uses of the Chinese CBDC, collaborating directly with a subsidiary of the People’s Bank of China (PBoC).

The North African coin E-Dinar has anticipated all the moves of the new potential global blockchain leader. 

The report also confirms that the Tunisian move is limited to digitising its existing money, as opposed to the situation in Venezuela which, through Petro, intends to create a new state currency. 

The E-Dinar will be available in a few months in thousands of shops, cafes and restaurants, and will be purchasable online and at existing physical exchanges in the country. 

The Race for the currency created by a sovereign nation is gaining in popularity among governments. Other countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Argentina, Brazil and China are also all working on their digital currencies. 


Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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