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Naples: a thesis on blockchain wins the prize of the Municipality

The Napoli blockchain project has its first dedicated degree thesis: the title is “Analysis and implementation of a discount token on the Consortium blockchain” and was carried out as part of the project promoted by the City of Naples. 

The author of this thesis on the blockchain topic is Antonio Della Porta, who just graduated in Applied Computer Science at the University Parthenope, which received a few days ago the Medal of the City of Naples from the Mayor Luigi De Magistris.

The same University of Naples, which collaborates in the scientific development of the Napoli blockchain project and in the design of the so-called temporary TTS discount token, gave news of the award received by the student yesterday. 

The University also manages the IT aspects of the nodes of the private blockchain created by the City of Naples, while the ANM (Azienda Napoletana Mobilità) has made its servers available for the management of the blockchain, the wallet and the transactions of the TTS token.

The first real experiment of the TTS token of the City of Naples

The discount token of the city of Naples is an experimental project and will soon be upgraded to an advanced testing phase at 10 commercial activities in the metropolitan area of the city. 

The 10 commercial activities, as learned by The Cryptonomist from direct sources involved in the project, will receive the TTS tokens issued by ASIA for citizens who correctly dispose of waste. Citizens will then be able to spend the tokens received at commercial activities, in the form of discounts applied to the goods purchased.

The experiment is expected to start by next Christmas.

The first automatic cash machine with bitcoin payment in Naples 

A few days ago the Neapolitan bar My Way activated the first automatic cash machine that also accepts bitcoin payments.  

The cash desk was opened in the presence of the administrator of the company that developed the cash machine, Rendi Resto, Mr Vincenzo Sorrentino.

This would be the first transaction of this kind: in fact, there are several POS that work with cryptocurrencies, but this would be the first time, as the press release explains, that this technology is applied to a common cash register for the purchase of everyday goods.

Fabio Carbone
Fabio Carbone
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