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Mini Challenge: the results of Eidoo

The 2019 Mini Challenge car championship has just ended and it is time for Federico Alberti and Eidoo to assess the results of the season. 

In the final standings Alberti, with the car sponsored by Eidoo, placed eighth, out of 21 participants, which is close to the top. In every race the driver of the Mini branded Eidoo has always achieved a placement high enough to score points, thus finishing with 52 points, which, however, were not enough to reach the top five. 

A video published on the official YouTube channel of Federico Alberti recounts the season with its most significant moments. 

The video, in particular through the camera-car, illustrates the difficulty of driving such a car to its full potential, and clearly shows the spectacular nature of the battle with the other drivers. 

Altogether, during the 2019 season, twelve races were held on five different circuits around Italy and the final victory went to Gustavo Sandrucci with 210 points. The second, Paolo Maria Silvestrini, was far behind with 114 points. On the third step of the podium, there was Roberto Gentili with 107, followed by Ivan Tramontozzi and Maurizio Losi with 104. 

Eidoo, as previously mentioned, decided to sponsor a car completely branded with its own logo. The hashtag created for the occasion was #SpeedNeedsDirection, precisely to make it clear how much the blockchain sector, as well a car that runs at high speed, needs the right direction to succeed.

Here is a previous interview with Federico Alberti during the Crypto Focus program of Le Fonti TV.


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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