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The best crypto exchanges of 2019

Crypto Compare has published the ranking of the best crypto exchanges. For now, there is the American Gemini in the lead, with 78 points, grade AA, and three stars from users, despite the contained daily trading volumes (9.77 million dollars).

This ranking is based on the sum of various metrics, as explained in the Exchange Benchmark document, while the rank is assigned by percentile: exchanges in the highest percentile are assigned the AA grade, those in the next percentile are assigned the B grade.

The metrics used to calculate the score range from the assessment of the place where the exchanges are located and operate, compliance with regulations, investments made, the quality of the management and development team of the platform, to the analysis of parameters and company performance and the amount of data made available for analysis, including the assessment of the quality of exchanges and data provided. 

Many American platforms among the best exchanges

After Gemini, in second place there is itBit, while in third place there is Coinbase, the only one to exceed 100 million dollars of daily volumes in the top five. In fourth place there is Kraken.

The first four crypto exchanges for evaluation are all American. It is possible that the fact that they are American and based in the US has had a significant weight in obtaining such high valuations, given also that there are few American exchanges in the lower positions. 

In fifth place, there is the English BitStamp, while in sixth place the Japanese Liquid

It should be noted that recently, the Chinese OkEX, which is now based in Malta, placed ninth. Poloniex, bitFlyer and Bitfinex are also in the top ten. 

Andy Cheung, Head of Operations at OKEx explained:

“We are glad to be well-received by our customers and analysts, and it’s encouraging to see our years of hard work rewarded with a grade A verification. This honor by a trusted firm shows that we are on the right track. We will never stop improving, and will continue to develop and bring the best products to the global community. We hope to see ourselves at an even higher position next time”

The analysis covers 220 centralised and 19 decentralised exchanges, although the first DEX is only 78th. 

Crypto Compare also reveals that total trading volumes on crypto exchanges have been relatively constant since the beginning of the month, apart from a few isolated peaks, whereas volumes were more pronounced at the end of October. 


Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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