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Pompliano on Twitter: “Bitcoin is not an investment, it’s a protest”

The famous Bitcoin enthusiast Anthony Pompliano, founder of Morgan Creek, today published on Twitter a post of his Off the Chain column dedicated to investors, with the aim of clarifying the ideal of Bitcoin as a peaceful protest against the system. 

Pompliano points out on Twitter that there is a clear difference between bitcoin users, with some acting as mercenaries and others as missionaries. In fact, in his post, the in-depth analysis touches on the meaning of these two words.

Precisely to give ideological support for the success of mass adoption of the Queen of Crypto, Pompliano quotes John Doerr, the famous venture capitalist who led Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, with his phrase: “we need teams of missionaries, not teams of mercenaries”.

Not only that, according to Pompliano there are various ecosystems dedicated to both. An ecosystem like Wall Street has been defined as an environment full of mercenaries, focused only on the profit that operate with ruthless attitude and where the possibility of ruining each other is almost a certainty. 

Whereas the Bitcoin ecosystem, according to Pompliano, has been characterised in this decade by the participation of a long list of missionaries who have gone far beyond the aspect of profit to believe and transmit messages linked to their mission of a “peaceful revolution”.

Pompliano explains Bitcoin on Twitter

Something that goes far beyond bullish or bearish feelings, beyond the USD equivalent value of bitcoin, something that also explains the attitude of holders or those who, disinterested in the current price of the crypto, decide to hold it in their wallets. 

That of Pompliano is an idea used to comment on the reality of the facts reported by the analyst @Rhythmtrader on Twitter for which, in the last year, 11,580,000 bitcoins have not been moved.

“11,580,000 bitcoin have not moved in over a year. Even with a 85% increase in price during that time, those millions of bitcoin were not sold or traded. Hodlers of last resort are insane”.

This may be crazy, but Pompliano describes it as follows: 

“For Bitcoiners, this isn’t an investment. It is a protest. A peaceful protest against the system. Better yet, Bitcoin is a revolution. A revolution that stands to change the world in ways that most people can’t even comprehend yet. If successful, Bitcoin will usher in a new era where there is a separation of state and money. One where people are asked to trust transparent software systems over humans”.


Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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