Bitcoin the true unicorn of the decade: beats Uber, Airbnb and Snapchat
Bitcoin the true unicorn of the decade: beats Uber, Airbnb and Snapchat

Bitcoin the true unicorn of the decade: beats Uber, Airbnb and Snapchat

By Alfredo de Candia - 5 Dec 2019

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With a tweet Balaji S. Srinivasan, former CTO of Coinbase, pointed out that the largest unicorn of the years 2010 was Bitcoin and not Uber, Airbnb or Snapchat:

The reference made to unicorns concerns their capitalisation market, in fact when a company reaches the figure of one billion dollars, then it is nicknamed the unicorn, thus differentiating itself from other companies.

In fact, if we compare the data, we see that Uber has a market cap of $ 49 billion, while Snapchat reaches $ 21 billion, and Airbnb would be around $ 35 billion. Even if combined, they would not be able to compete with the current capitalization of bitcoin, which exceeds $ 130 billion.

This is due to the fact that despite 10 years have passed since its launch, we see that it still represents an asset of all respect and that from the beginning, for those who had recovered some bitcoin, has always shown positive over time, despite its fluctuation between maximums and minimums, due to several factors.

Bitcoin has also resisted several attacks that has suffered in recent years, not to mention the various forks, more or less successful, which have created other blockchains with the intent to undermine the first position occupied for a decade by the same cryptocurrency.

Even its function over time has begun to change, since it was conceived as a boardless p2p payment method and without there being a third party to act as a guarantor, while today is more seen as a store of value by replacing the physical assets, such as real estate, and even the same gold, considered the store of value par excellence.

Bitcoin is destined to evolve again as it has done in its 10 years of life. Let’s think about what has been done with Lightning Network to compensate for the slowness of the network for fast transactions that are required by a circular economy.


Alfredo de Candia

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