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Binance adds futures to iOS app

After the launch in October of future contracts on BTC and ETH, now trades are also integrated into the app for iPhone and iPad, after being already integrated into the one for Android.

The new version of the Binance iOS app also supports futures trading. 

Futures on Binance were added only a short time ago, since they were not yet available on the iPhone and iPad App.

Instead, the new version 2.3.1 now also supports the trading of BTC/USDT futures contracts with leverage up to 125x and ETH/USDT futures contracts with leverage up to 50x.

Futures were already available on the Android App

Traders can trade futures on bitcoin and ethereum on the exchange platform with the protection of a sophisticated risk engine, an intelligent settlement model and an insurance fund. 

In the first two months of business Binance Futures reached a maximum daily trading volume of over 370,000 BTC, or about $2.7 billion. 

On average more than 60% of traders operate with 20x or higher leverage, while traders using maximum leverage are only 21%. Moreover, the majority of the latter are retail users, while the majority of institutional traders, responsible for 81% of the total volume, tend to trade with 20x leverage or less. 

Binance Futures Director Aaron Gong said: 

Binance Futures is embedded with the fastest and most robust matching engine to ensure a consistently smooth and stable trading experience, with capacity of hosting one million traders simultaneously without sacrificing user experience. Our builders continue to push forward, releasing the potential of the trading platform and striving to gain dominance in crypto derivatives market. In our continuous efforts to improve the product, we have been rolling out new major features in the past two months and will continue to release new major updates with more innovative functionalities.”

To try to put everyone in a position to trade with these contracts, Binance Academy has also published a guide that shows how to create an account, how to put the necessary funds into it for trading, how to use the graphical interface, how to set up leverage, how to use orders, and so on.  

Marco Cavicchioli
Marco Cavicchioli
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