The top crypto YouTubers in the world
The top crypto YouTubers in the world

The top crypto YouTubers in the world

By Alfredo de Candia - 8 Dec 2019

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A major trend in recent years is definitely the emergence of YouTube as a multimedia channel for video sharing, with the crypto world also having its influencers in this regard. This article will see who are the top YouTubers in the crypto industry

Let’s start with the channel of Andreas Antonopoulos which boasts 186.000 subscribers and almost 500 videos in which the Bitcoin and crypto influencer deals with different issues, including the adoption of BTC and monetary policy.

Worth mentioning is also Ameer Rosic’s YouTube channel, with 167,000 subscribers and almost 600 videos, where the creator of BlockGeeks talks about the most disparate topics, sometimes not necessarily related to crypto.

Among the other channels, there is also The Crypto Lark, which deals with topics of various types and has playlists organised by different themes both about the blockchain and with reviews of various kinds.

Another channel to follow is that of Ivan on the Tech, perhaps one of the most popular crypto YouTubers in the industry.

Finally, there is the Crypto Daily channel, which with 145,000 subscribers broadcasts popular videos explaining crypto and in particular trading.

As mentioned, these are some channels in the industry in English, and on YouTube, it is possible to find other channels that deal with the various topics related to crypto and blockchain, including Crypto Zombie, Naomi Brockwell and Data Dash.

Obviously also our magazine The Cryptonomist has its own YouTube channel where we share video interviews with the most important figures in the field of crypto and fintech.


Alfredo de Candia

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