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Jared Tate, DigiByte: “The biggest scam in history is TRON”

The words written on Twitter by the founder of the DigiByte (DGB) project, Jared Tate, are strong and unequivocal. Once again he shows his contempt for Justin Sun’s blockchain, TRON


The reaction of the founder of DigiByte was triggered by another tweet written by Justin Sun about the listing of his crypto TRON (TRX), on the Binance US platform, reaching that part of the market that is closed to many cryptocurrencies and exchanges.

And it is precisely the listing that triggers the wrath of Tate, who, in addition to accusing TRON of being the greatest scam in the history of crypto, also takes it upon the American regulator and Binance US that allows this scam to enter the American territory.

Jared Tate’s resentment towards the TRON blockchain a few days ago caused the delisting of the DGB crypto from the Poloniex exchange, also because the same exchange has now been acquired by Justin Sun.

Furthermore, a short time ago the exchange also published a tweet in which it invited to buy TRON, but then it was immediately deleted probably because of the fact that it was a solicitation to the public saving.

The DigiByte (DGB) delisting caused a significant loss of users and a decrease in the price of the token, which is now at position 54 of CoinMarketCap and is traded at just over $0.006, so after all, it is not well understood why Tate is continuing with these types of tweets.

However, although TRON has not proved to be very decentralised and open to dialogue in this case, according to the ranking of the Chinese CCID, TRON holds the third position with a fairly high score in terms of decentralisation.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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