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CCID report: the EOS crypto holds the record

Now available is the latest crypto trend report made by CCID (Center for Information and Industry Development) controlled by the Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology, which once again awards the EOS crypto and blockchain.

Here is the complete ranking:

EOS always in the lead for the CCID

The CCID report analyses 35 different crypto and, exactly like last month, EOS has once again established itself as the leader, showing that the blockchain has not suffered the blow despite the congestion problems of recent times. Perhaps the announcement of the social network, Voice, has given an extra boost to the EOS blockchain.

The novelty in this last report comes from TRON (TRX), which slipped one position into third place, perhaps partly due to what happened with the Poloniex exchange and the deletion of a tweet and the subsequent delisting of DigiByte.

In the second place, there is Ethereum (ETH) which, thanks to countless efforts and the fork that took place yesterday successfully, proves to keep pace with other protocols and blockchains.

In sixth place, the new CCID report sees the rise of NEO, which has achieved many milestones in this period, such as the anniversary of the NEO Foundation and a partnership with Nahmii.

Stellar Lumens is still in the same place, remaining at the 10th position, while Bitcoin (BTC) finally enters the top 10 at the 9th position. 

Litecoin (LTC) reconfirms its position as a tail light, remaining at position 32, while Bitcoin Cash (BCH) recovers ground reaching position 27; two positions back there is Cardano (ADA) who, despite the progress made up to this moment – such as the staking in the test phase – is unable to rise through the ranks.

IOTA, the DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) dedicated to the IoT (Internet of Things), is losing the previous positions and proving to be a disappointment for this CCID crypto ranking.


Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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