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Voice: the testnet of the blockchain-based social network is ready

After long months of waiting, EOS has finally announced the beta version launch date of block.one’s social network, Voice, which will open its doors to testers on February 14, 2020.

After a couple of months from the announcement of the creation of Voice during the event in Washington was announced by Block.one this new social network based on the EOS blockchain. Voice will have an identification login system that allows access only to qualified users, so as to obtain a platform without bots.

One of the benefits of using this social network will be the ability to earn tokens, the Voice Tokens, for content creation and voting, rewarding the community for their work.

 If we compare Voice to traditional and centralized social networks, we see them exploiting to their advantage the information uploaded to their platforms without users having a real benefit, not to mention the privacy that is almost never respected, even without the knowledge of users.

With Voice, but also with other decentralized social networks, we could instead change paradigm, since all information about users will be managed through algorithms and smart contracts suitable for privacy: in fact, block.one already has a patent that refers to a protocol for recognition of users, and whose information will be linked to an EOS account. As a result, once you have connected your EOS account to the social network, you can post content without others, not even the platform, having access to your personal information.

 As mentioned, the launch of Voice’s beta will take place on Valentine’s Day next year and will allow you to preview the new blockchain-based social network, as well as the new system of access to it, not to mention the native tokens, which will certainly also be given in airdrop to encourage its dissemination.

We are just at the beginning of a social network that could give a hard time to traditional systems, also because only the domain of voice.com has cost $ 30 million, not to mention the RAM that block.one has invested in his account: about $ 25 million that will most likely serve the development of the social network.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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