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CCID: the crypto report puts EOS in the lead

The new monthly report on the performance of crypto has been released by the CCID (Chinese Center for Information and Industry Development), which operates under the supervision of the Chinese Minister of Industry and Information Technology.

The new ranking includes 35 cryptocurrencies, this time with EOS in the lead.

The top 10 of the report contains several cryptocurrencies that do not reflect the ranking expected in terms of volume but takes into consideration other parameters, such as:

  • Basic Technology, that is the functionality, the performance, the security and the degree of decentralisation of the blockchain. This has a weight of 64%; 
  • Applicability, which focuses on node development, wallet development, developer support and application implementation. This has a weight of 20%;
  • Creativity, focuses the aspect on the continuous innovation, the impact of the code and its updates. This parameter has a weight of 16%.

In the report, it is possible to deduce that the new blockchains fall better within these parameters: not surprisingly in first place there is, as it happened other times in the past, EOS, which in recent months has seen important news such as the statement by the SEC on the issue related to the type of token, which is not a security, as well as future projects concerning EOSio 3.0 and the proposal made by the CTO of block.one, Daniel Larimer.

A new book (both in Italian and in English) about the EOS blockchain has also been recently published.

In second place in the CCID report, there is EOS’s number one rival, TRON (TRX), with a 10 point gap from the leader despite the fact that TRON has been strongly competing with EOS, one example is the arrival of TRON TV.

With 135 points, the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain is in third place, which is in the process of being updated to the new Ethereum 2.0, expected in just over 2 months.

Also worth noting in the top ten are Steem, NEO and Stellar, who managed to beat bitcoin, which is one step outside the top ten, standing at position 11 with 103 points.

The taillights of the list are Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Cardano (ADA), Litecoin (LTC) and IOTA, which with an average of about 80 points fail to express their potential.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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