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Lead: the SLP token rewarding Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters

A few hours ago Bitcoin.com, the team behind the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency, decided to create a new SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol) token, called Lead, to reward those who support the BCH blockchain, which was born two years ago from a Bitcoin hard fork.

The token was created last Halloween, October 31st, 2019, and the name LEAD stands for Leaders of Education Adoption and Development. Lead has a total supply of 21 billion and only has 2 decimals, perhaps because if it wants to be a payment method in everyday life, it doesn’t need many more.

The newly created token will allow to::

  • Receive dividends, which can be either in the very same token or in Bitcoin Cash (BCH);
  • Have discounts in online and offline shops participating in the program;
  • Use it as a tip on Telegram. This function is already available;
  • Exchange it with other tokens, since it will soon be listed on Bitcoin.com.

There are several ways to receive these new tokens:

  • Host Bitcoin Cash (BCH) meetups, thus spread and help the community in the use of the BCH cryptocurrency;
  • Create and share content;
  • Promote the adoption in stores: the adoption of crypto as a payment method also involves the acceptance of BCH in small stores;
  • Working with Bitcoin.com through affiliate programs.

Creating an SLP token is very simple, perhaps more so than creating an ERC20 token. This new standard was created just a year ago but is already enjoying successes and interesting numbers, as it has recently reached $50 million of volume.

Lead, like all other SLP tokens, is supported on wallets like Electrum Cash and of course also on the Bitcoin.com mobile app.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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