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Over $50 million of trading volumes for SLP tokens

Since their rise in the token world, SLP (Simple Ledger Protocol) tokens have been very successful, both in terms of trading volumes and resources invested.

Analysing the data that can be publicly viewed on Bitcoin.com, it is clear that the trading volumes of SLP tokens, in particular for the first token on the list, are really impressive, especially considering that they have been active for a short time.

The first place is occupied by the token FLEX Coin (FLEX) of the homonymous trading platform which, with its value of $0.34, reaches a market cap of over $34 million, a goal reached in a few months since its creation last July.

Impressive numbers are also seen in second place with GoCrypto (GOC), a system that allows traders to accept crypto payments: its market cap is just over $12 million and the token is worth around $0.03. This token is not even a month old and has already reached these figures.

In third place, there is another token, ACD Coin (ACD), which is mainly used by Japanese traders. This token was launched in February of this year and has exceeded the $5 million market cap and is currently priced at $0.029.

The fourth position is held by the Sideshift token, SAI, which is a swap service between several cryptocurrencies, SLPs and even stablecoins. With its service, Sideshift has reached almost half a million dollars with its token that is traded at $0.04, and, also in this case, its creation dates back to July.

In fifth position, there is the famous Spice token, which is used mainly as a tip in Telegram chats and on Twitter thanks to a bot: Spice has exceeded over $300 thousand in volume and its token is traded at around $ 0.0003.

Finally, the fifth position is occupied by Honest Coin (USDH) which is, in fact, the first stablecoin created on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain, reaching a market cap value of just under $50,000 and its price is about $1, considering that its value must remain stable as much as possible. 

As can be seen, there are several projects that are taking off in the SLP sphere. Moreover, thanks to a dedicated guide, it is possible to see how easy it is to create a token of this type. 



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