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Lightning Network, the page on Wikipedia might be deleted

The article on Lightning Network in the English version of Wikipedia might be deleted. According to the managers of the largest online encyclopedia, the text does not comply with Wikipedia policies, and it would have particular problems with notability.

The article is based on texts written by the author himself or on sources that are not relevant to determine the independence with which the subject has been dealt with. Therefore, it does not meet the standards that require that each piece of information is verifiable and has reliable sources from third parties. This would mean that the article would not have sufficient coverage to ensure its independence in dealing with the matter. 

In any case, Wikipedia’s decision will not be immediate or unambiguous. The online encyclopaedia has opened a discussion where it is possible to express opinions. In the meantime, the article can be improved but not removed, nor will the note marked with the red colour that appears immediately after the title of the page disappear. 

In fact, since the discussion was opened, several sources have been added to underline the validity of the text. Among other things, it is a comprehensive discussion, which includes history, design, implementation and use cases of LN. 

Since December 11th, that is, since the discussion form was opened, several users have left a comment. Some suggest changing the page name to “Bitcoin Lightning Network”, others suggest adding more sources from press articles, while others suggest creating a paragraph inside the Bitcoin page. There are also those who urge Wikipedia to keep the Lightning Network page because of its importance within the Bitcoin system and beyond. 

A peculiar comment from a user who instead claims that the page should be deleted because Lightning Network represents “vapourware”, a term used to define the technological products that never reach their final realisation.

In the various versions of Wikipedia, it is actually difficult to find other pages completely dedicated to Lightning Network. Only the Spanish version has a dedicated page, while in the Italian version there are references both within “Blockchain” and “Bitcoin”. 

In any case, the issue posed by en.wikipedia shows that even Lightning Network can be divisive. This is while the 2nd layer of Bitcoin continues to be ever more used and experimented also by other blockchains like Litecoin.


Eleonora Spagnolo
Eleonora Spagnolo
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