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Litecoin, new Lightning Network project on the horizon

It’s still not definitive, but it seems that just a week before the summit to be held in Singapore, Litecoin is preparing for a new Lightning Network project.

The co-founder of the Litecoin Foundation, Xinxi Wang, has in fact anticipated an upcoming new project developed by Loshan.

According to the reports, it seems that on Twitter the two mentioned some new developments by Loshan, a well-known software developer of Litecoin Core full node and LoafWallet. Although there are no official confirmations. 

The first tweet is an invitation from Wang to look into Loshan’s great work.

A tweet by Loshan then specifies the area of interest: Lightning Network.

Loshan, an independent developer active in the Litecoin ecosystem since 2013, is sponsored by the foundation. In addition, LoafWallet, developed by him, is now the largest Litecoin standalone wallet for iOS and Android devices.

A combination that suggests that the possible novelties coming soon may concern the wallet, such as the launch of a new LN mobile wallet for Litecoin. It would be a first of its kind innovation, which would break down major barriers for users who want to connect to the second layer of litecoin.

There might also be the possibility of working with a deeper infrastructure, linked to the development of Litecoin support for further implementations beyond Lightning Lab’s LND.

At the moment everything is shrouded in mystery. What is certain is Loshan’s absence at the Summit, making it somewhat pointless to announce any news without the creator. 

Loshah himself recently stated:

“I joined the Litecoin Foundation in 2017 primarily to improve the LoafWallet iOS App while working out a product plan for the future with Charlie. At a recent lunch, he suggested I take on the role of lead not just for iOS but all things LoafWallet to include the Android codebase and backend resources. This also means continuing my work with our partners like Simplex, Changelly, Ternio and, BiBox. I happily accepted the role and look forward to sharing new things related to LoafWallet at the Litecoin Summit”.

These mysterious Twitter anticipations by Litecoin’s exponents don’t seem to be the only ones. 

Just at the beginning of this month, developer Adrian Gallagher had leaked the news of the new update of Litecoin Core 0.18.1, not yet officially confirmed. 


Stefania Stimolo
Stefania Stimolo
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