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Earn.com closes in favour of Coinbase Earn

In the last few hours, Coinbase has sent emails to its users informing them that Earn.com will terminate its service in favour of Coinbase’s proprietary platform. 

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Earn.com was designed as a way to earn crypto by learning and watching videos and tutorials. It was opened back in 2013 when it started as a hardware company to mine bitcoin; then in 2017, it changed its name from 21.co to Earn.com.

 Only last year the same company then became part of Coinbase which bought it for over $100 million in a payment diversified between shares, fiat currency and crypto.

As known, Coinbase also opened its own platform, Coinbase Earn, which teaches about crypto.

This platform has several assets that can be earned through a series of partnerships with cryptocurrencies such as, for example, EOS and Stellar Lumens: after watching video lessons related to a specific cryptocurrency or blockchain, a reward is given to the user.

Those using the Earn.com platform have until February 20th, 2020 to withdraw their funds. After that, the system will be integrated into Coinbase Earn.

Surely this is a compelling marketing strategy considering that earning crypto money without doing anything other than watching videos will attract more people to the exchange. Coinbase is among the few to have such a reward program. There’s also Binance that has set up a similar service but it requires the community to write informative content.

As far as Coinbase UK is concerned, at the moment it looks like there won’t be any problems with Brexit, as the company operates within England anyway.

Alfredo de Candia
Alfredo de Candia
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