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Australia on Fire: how to send crypto donations

2020 has certainly not begun well for Australia: the fires in the land of kangaroos continue uncontrollably reaping ever more victims, especially among animals, and so many are trying to understand how to send donations – even in crypto – in order to help the continent on fire.

With more than 500 million dead animals, including of course kangaroos and koalas whose images are tearing all hearts apart, this is a real cataclysm, which is why many people are sending donations to help extinguish fires, rebuild and protect animals: koalas are in danger of extinction.

One of the figures from the crypto world who wants to help in this regard is Jay Hao, CEO of the decentralised exchange OkEx, who shared this tweet referring to a post published by WWE star Peyton Royce.

Alex Saunders, CEO and Founder of NuggetsNewsAU has also published a post inviting people to contribute to the cause. Currently the BTC address has collected nearly 1 bitcoin from over 200 transactions.

Why crypto donations

Quite often, when sending donations to charities, there are scams and barriers due to the lack of transparency in the steps between the donation and the receipt of the donation. In other words, there are many intermediaries and in some cases they take fees that are deducted from the donations themselves.

Crypto-philanthropy, as it is called by Binance Charity, for example, offers an alternative solution to make and receive decentralised and direct donations that can help organisations obtain funds more efficiently and without intermediaries.Β 

In addition to Binance, there are many other companies that are involved in crypto donations, such as the Italian AidCoin, CharityStar and Helperbit which, however, seem to have not yet organised anything for the Australia on fire situation.


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