Justin Sun opens his personal YouTube channel
Justin Sun opens his personal YouTube channel

Justin Sun opens his personal YouTube channel

By Alfredo de Candia - 7 Jan 2020

Chevron down

A few hours ago, the CEO of TRON Justin Sun announced the opening of his personal YouTube channel

According to the tweet, Sun will also open profiles on other social platforms and will create dedicated videos for his fans on Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, which means he will have coverage on the main international social networks.

Looking at what Justin Sun has currently published on his official YouTube channel there is only one video, made in Chinese but with English subtitles, in which the CEO of TRON explains the reasons that led him to the decision of making a series of videos on different platforms: the goal is obviously to have greater visibility among his fans.

In addition, the video also explains the reason for unlocking 33 billion TRX and what the TRON Foundation plans to do with them: the foundation has no plan to sell these unlocked TRX. Previously they were locked in Sun’s own account for a total of about 66% of the supply, but the team believes in the project and in the increase of the token’s value over time, so they will focus on holding TRX.

Thus, according to the statement, the Foundation does not want to influence the market with its decisions, partly because selling a similar amount of the cryptocurrency on the market would have a strong impact on the price.

Interestingly, Justin Sun has chosen centralised platforms to communicate and spread his message. Despite the events that involved YouTube before Christmas and considering that Sun can count on several decentralised video-streaming solutions like Tron TV, the CEO has nevertheless decided to open these channels probably because of their large audience.

Currently, the newly created YouTube channel has just over 60 subscribers. 


Alfredo de Candia

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