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Report: 1,955 new dApps on the market in 2019

A new report on the development of the dApp market during 2019 was published today, which was also mentioned by the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao.


According to this report, 1955 new dApps were published over the past year on DappReview, the reference site for this type of metrics, reaching a total of more than 4000 dApps on the market today.

With regard to the volume of on-chain transactions carried out when using dApps, it amounts to around $23 billion, mostly for dApps using NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens), DeFi and video games. These are the 3 sectors where decentralized applications are being developed and which are likely to boost the use of blockchains in the near future. 

Other sectors, albeit with fewer dApps, are those related to exchanges and social networks. To be more precise, the gaming sector dominates with 46.5%, while decentralized exchanges are at 20.9%.

The report also found that Ethereum, TRON and EOS were the most used blockchains, in that order, with more than 1655 dApps – nearly 85% of the total and covering 99% of transaction volumes – launched on the market during 2019.

Total transactions on Ethereum have reached $12.8 billion, versus EOS and TRON with $6.1 billion and $4.4 billion respectively.

Ethereum stands in first place: of the total of 2,146 dApps based on Ethereum and listed on DappReview, 1,223 are still active in 2019 and early 2020, indicating that the sector is alive and well.

These numbers represent both ETH and ERC20 tokens: to be more accurate, the total number of transactions made with ERC20 tokens was $10.4 billion, while $2.4 billion were made using ETH.

The gaming dApp market

As far as gaming is concerned, it has already been mentioned that this is certainly a thriving market and for this reason, the report investigates the most important companies in the sector, including Horizon Blockchain Company, SkyMavis, Immutable, Mythical Games and DapperLabs, which in total have received 50 million dollars from large funds such as Warner Music Group, Pangea Blockchain Fund, Union Square Ventures and many others.

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